Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How works

First of all, we help you find the right products. In addition, we help you compare prices, shipping costs and the service that our partner shops provide to you. On our website you can also search or navigate in our categories. Due to the large and diverse range of products, you no longer have to browse from site to site. is completely independent of the web shops published on our website. It is impossible for these web shops to rank higher on our website for a fee! So you will always see products that best match what you are looking for, and for which you can make the best considered choice.

Is a webshop?

No, we are not a webshop. We are happy to help you find the best deals online. Then we refer you to the webshop that sells the product to you. For each product we clearly state by which webshop it is offered.

Can I ask you for technical advice about a product?

We are always happy to help, but we are not product experts. For substantive and technical questions, we therefore recommend that you contact the store where you bought or want to buy the product, or the manufacturer of the product.

Who do I contact for the status of my order?

For the status of your order we will have to refer you to the relevant webshop where you ordered the product. Unfortunately, we do not have access to this information.

The product I want to order is sold out / (not available) according to the webshop?

We update the product offering every hour to keep the information as current as possible. Unfortunately, the product you have found through may already be sold out, but due to the large number of visitors, products can still sell out quickly.

How do I find a product on

You can find products by using the search bar at the top of our website, or by using the pre-filtered categories in the navigation menu below the search bar.

How do I order a product from

When you have found the product you would like to order, click through to the web store's website and order the product there.

Do I have the same warranty if I order the product online?

Yes, it doesn't matter whether you order the product online or from the physical store. Most products have a minimum warranty period of 2 years.